Friday, July 25, 2014

The Zeitgeist Got Stuck on Hillbilly

There was a recurring vein of southern accented, kentucky fried, redneck style comedy popping up in the previews this year.  For example, both from Night 1 of the Previews, we have

Tales At Twilight

“He lived all by himself.  His first mistake.”


Stuck On A Truck: A Hooch Crixby Mystery

“No disrespect, Mr. Bags, but water never cured death.”

Tales is campfire ghost story material with a hillbilly twang.  Stuck is your standard murder mystery in the context of one of those “hands on a truck” competitions, sort of Murder She Wrote, Y’all.  The two ensembles of actors are both very game and seem to work well together.  Hard to tell just how funny or terrifying they’ll ultimately be based on these previews, but they had their act enough together to be able to get full scenes out there for people to see.  So if this sounds like your kind of entertainment, check them out.

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