Sunday, November 29, 2015

Writing Challenge – Incredible Violence


Somewhere I heard that there are only three ways to make waves in art.  Extremes in sex, violence, or revolution.

CHALLENGE- write incredible violence. If you're the squishy type, it doesn't have to be to a human... but it does have to be for a reason

Bonus- No torture. Torture scenes are static and boring and promote an immoral falsehood that torture is an effective means toward obtaining truth from an unwilling subject.
Bonus- Add in some sex and revolution as well.
Fact- If you don't make yourself blush or think about deleting something that you've written during this challenge, you're doing it wrong.

RAPE AS REVENGE (fair warning)

BEN is beaten up, but conscious.

BEN is secured to a chair by either rope, chains, or duct tape (or some combination thereof).

BEN has no pants or underwear on.

GEORGE has Ben’s dried blood on his gloved fists.

GEORGE also doesn’t have any pants or underwear on.

BEN has duct tape over his mouth.

BEN has tried screaming for help.

GEORGE just waits him out.

BEN eventually exhausts himself.

How many times do I have to tell you that there’s no one around for miles before you believe me and stop wasting your breath?

          (semi-audible through tape)
Let!  Me!  Go!

I’ll let you go.  When I’m done.

          (semi-audible through tape)

GEORGE punches BEN.  Repeatedly.

          (semi-audible through tape)

You are in no position to dictate terms.

          (semi-audible through tape)
I’m gonna kill you!

You’re gonna kill me?
Like you tried to kill my brother?

          (semi-audible through tape)

So original.
You had it right the first time.
You gay-bashed my brother, who actually is gay.
I’m just trying to make a point.

GEORGE gets down on his knees between BEN’s legs.

          (semi-audible through tape)

Relax.  Enjoy it.  You’re not getting out of here til we’re done.

GEORGE gives BEN a blow job, getting Ben good and hard.

BEN tries to resist.

BEN tries not to look.

GEORGE hits BEN to force him to look.

                          GEORGE (cont’d)
You’re going to watch this.
You’re going to feel this.

BEN continues resisting, but a blow job’s a blow job.

And GEORGE is good at this.

                          GEORGE (cont’d)
Now comes the fun part.

GEORGE gets out a condom and some lube.

          (semi-audible through tape)
What the fuck?!

GEORGE puts the condom and lube on BEN’s cock.

GEORGE puts some lube on his own ass.

GEORGE mounts the chair, and then sits down on BEN’s cock.

BEN is screaming incoherently at this point.

GEORGE keeps riding Ben’s cock while he speaks.

GEORGE is also good at this.

GEORGE is stroking himself off to the rhythm of the rise and fall as he rides Ben.

I’m getting pretty good at this.
When I found the first one of your gang of gay-bashing punks, it took a while to figure out how to do this in the most efficient and humiliating way possible.
Fucking each of you up the ass seemed like letting you off too easily.
I mean, that’s something gay being done to you.
But if you’re actually participating, against your will, in some full-on buttfucking, well, that’s harder to wipe out of your mind, isn’t it?
If gay sex is this horrible, disgusting thing, something you absolutely had to make sure my little brother never had a chance to participate in again, not without consequence, it seems only right you should be forced to do it.
I’ll take some pictures when we get to the high points.
Oh, look, we’re reaching one of them now.

GEORGE cums all over the front of Ben’s shirt.

Bonus points if he splashes some sperm up in Ben’s face.

GEORGE takes a selfie with his phone.

                          GEORGE (cont’d)
Smile for the camera!

GEORGE keeps riding Ben’s cock.

BEN keeps screaming.

                          GEORGE (cont’d)
I print these out, and I keep copies locked in my brother’s bedside table.
At the hospital.
They say if you talk to a person in a coma, they can hear you.
So I tell him the stories of all you gutless freaks and the way you writhed and struggled under me.  But none of you can avoid cumming.
Your sad little underworked penises always betray you.
So long since they’ve had any real release.
Now that I’ve had the last of you, maybe that’ll be enough.
Maybe that story will bring him back.
Yeah, that’s it.  Let it go.  Let it loose.
It’s so tight and warm.  You can’t help yourself.
Do it!

BEN has tried not to have an orgasm.

But GEORGE’s body is insistent.

BEN cums, in defeat.

                          GEORGE (cont’d)
Thank you.

GEORGE removes the condom from Ben’s cock, puts it in trash bag he’ll take with him when he leaves.

GEORGE puts antiseptic on a rag and wipes down Ben’s bruised and bloody face.

BEN screams some more as George does so.  It stings, and George isn’t gentle.

GEORGE removes Ben’s shirt.

GEORGE stuffs the shirt and the rag into his trash bag as well.

GEORGE takes another photo, this time of naked Ben.

                          GEORGE (cont’d)
One more for me.

GEORGE does some work on the phone.

                          GEORGE (cont’d)
And also one for the cops.
They’re used to this by now.
They know what it’s about.
I sent the address.
I’ll have to download the photos and ditch the phone, of course.
Taking most of the DNA with me.
Honestly, though, they’re not looking for me.
They’re happy to lock you sick fucks up where you belong.
They’ll come visit me and my brother in the hospital, tell us they caught the last one.
Maybe that’s what’ll bring him out of it.
My brother can walk the streets again now that you’re all behind bars where you belong.
Think of this as your rehearsal for prison.
You’re a nice looking fellow.
You’ll be very popular.
We all deserved better than this, I guess.
But this is what we’ve got.
See you in hell, asshole.
Tell the cops I said hi.

GEORGE leaves the naked and humiliated BEN behind.

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