Friday, August 07, 2015

2015 Fringe - Friday night 4-1/2 Star Shows I’ve Seen and Recommend

Tweet Reviews below, full reviews coming:

5:30pm - Mixed Blood - Demo Tape
#mnfringe Demo Tape - just as fun as I hoped it would be; probably needs one more song, streamlined plot - 4.5 stars

7pm - Phoenix Theater - Pretty Girls Make Graves
#mnfringe Pretty Girls Make Graves - another smart funny obsessed Sam Landman play that isn't what you think it is - 4.5 stars

7pm - HUGE Theater - Trans Families - full review in the pipeline right now at Twin Cities Daily Planet
#mnfringe Trans Families - compelling readers theater about shifting identities fraying couples at the edges - 4.5 stars

8:30pm - Rarig Thrust - Goblin In The Attic Joins A Dance Crew
#mnfringe Goblin In The Attic Joins A Dance Crew - very odd, strangely charming, polished piece of musical theater - 4.5 stars

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