Friday, August 07, 2015

2015 Fringe - Friday night 5 Star Shows I’ve Seen and Recommend

Tweet Reviews and links to full reviews below.  More reviews coming:

5:30pm - Rarig Arena - You and I: Verse - (full review here) #mnfringe You And I: Verse - not ashamed to admit it, words turn me on - 5 stars (I’ll be going again, Sunday)
#mnfringe Review - You and I: Verse - 3 stories, 3 speeds, tied up neatly together; catnip 4 word junkies - 5 stars

5:30pm - Rarig Proscenium - Terra Incognita (FINAL PERFORMANCE) - (full review here)
#mnfringe Terra Incognita - easily the sexiest, most romantic thing I've seen at Fringe this year, may have to go again (phew) - 5 stars - (I am going again, today)
#mnfringe Review - Terra Icognita from - visually and emotionally dazzling - 5 stars

5:30pm - TRP - Backlash (FINAL PERFORMANCE) (full review here)
#mnfringe Backlash - mom says Josh Carson's shows get better every year; I agree - 5 stars
#mnfringe Review - Backlash, from and Mainly Me - laughing off some of life's transitions - 5 stars

5:30pm - Ritz Proscenium - Dance With The Devil - full review from when I saw it in the Twin Cities Horror Festival (a dance/storytelling mix that’s a great blend - 5 stars)

5:30pm - Theater Garage - Fruit Flies Like A Banana
#mnfringe Fruit Flies Like A Banana - high energy beat the clock lunacy from a trio of frighteningly talented musician/dancers - 5 stars (they sold out on Sunday, so get there early) (part of my Top 20 list for the Fringe this year)

7pm - Ritz Proscenium - 105 Proof, or The Killing of Mack “The Silencer” Klein
#mnfringe 105 Proof - well, it's no fairy tale, but @TLATheatre did it again, intense, 5 stars

8:30pm - Phoenix Theater - Post Traumatic Super Delightful (FINAL PERFORMANCE) (full review here)
#mnfringe Post Traumatic Super Delightful- part clown/part chameleon, hilarious, moving, unreal - 5 stars (part of my Top 20 list for the Fringe this year)
#mnfringe Review - Post Traumatic Super Delightful from - 1 person show that feels like it's 4 people

8:30pm - HUGE Theater - A Mermaid In Narnia (on LSD)
#mnfringe A Mermaid In Narnia (On LSD) - another compelling solo show from Arial Leaf on her tumultuous early years - 5 stars

8:30pm - Ritz Studio - The Secret Book of Jesus - full review here
#mnfringe Secret Book of Jesus - mom admits it may partly be the subject matter, but she thinks this is phillip's best show yet, 5 stars

8:30pm - Rarig Proscenium - Spicy Masala Chai (High Sell-Out Risk)
#mnfringe Spicy Masala Chai - oh, so THAT's what a full-on Bollywood extravaganza looks like; F-U-N - 5 stars

10pm - Phoenix Theater - Coffee, Tea or Me, an existential crisis
#mnfringe Coffee Tea or Me - a perfectly matched pair of very different traveling storytellers - 5 stars

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