Thursday, August 06, 2015

2015 Fringe - Thursday night 5 Star Shows I've Seen and Recommend

Tweet Reviews and links to full reviews below.  More reviews coming:

 5:30pm - HUGE Theater - Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader
#mnfringe Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader - HO-LY CRAP. That was amazing. Funny, yes, but also dramatic and compelling. Wow. 5 stars (part of my Top 10 list this year)

5:30pm - Rarig Arena - Ferguson
 - full review here - #mnfringe Ferguson, USA - dense (in a good way) script, nicely detailed deeply felt acting/directing, solid work all around - 5 stars
#mnfrinnge Review - Ferguson USA - another powerful Fringe take on the Black Lives Matter movement - 5 stars  (part of my Top 10 list this year)

5:30pm - TRP - Comedy Suitcase presents The Averagers
#mnfringe The Averagers - superhero satire for the whole family (you don't even have to turn off your brain) - 5 stars

7:00pm - TRP - Backlash
#mnfringe Backlash - mom says Josh Carson's shows get better every year; I agree - 5 stars

8:30pm - Theatre Garage - Arrest Me - full review here
#mnfringe Arrest Me - Mom cried, then said, "That was a 6." Unexpectedly powerful - 5 stars

8:30pm - Ritz Proscenium - Deus Ex Machina - full review here
#mnfringe review - Deus Ex Machina - a comedy for skeptics and believers alike
#mnfringe Deus Ex Machina - hey, they didn't screw up the theology (finally) *and* it's fun? - 5 stars (part of my Top 10 list this year)

10:00pm - Intermedia Arts - Frankenstein - full review from when I saw it in the Twin Cities Horror Festival (this is some freaky sh*t - 5 stars)

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