Wednesday, August 05, 2015

2015 Fringe - Stuff I'm Seeing Wednesday

Mom's on the road back to Pennsylvania, so I'm on my own for Fringing tonight.  Here's what I'm seeing, assuming I can get a ticket:

5:30 - RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy - Best Bollywood Inn

figured it was time I grabbed at least one of the shows in this year's expansion of the Fringe's new Bollywood (welcome) invasion - Rarig Proscenium

If I can't get in to the Bollywood Inn, my backup is Baby Carrot down in the Rarig X - just because it sounds goofy as hell ("The tale of childless carrot farmers who teach their newfound baby - an actual carrot - about the world. A witch may throw a wrench in their plans by casting a spell on the carrot. Who will save Baby Carrot?")

7:00 - Soma Acrobatic Theater - Terra Incognita

*finally* get to see this one, which was in my Top 20 -  loved their preview in the traveling artists showcase, and I need more good dance this year. I'm kind of wishing I'd seen them last night at 10 instead, oh well, they're here on the schedule now... - Rarig Proscenium

8:30 - Ethel-Ready! Productions - The Consolation

one of two scripts Ari Hoptman wrote for the Fringe this year (I feel lazy), artistic team includes my good friend Jennifer Blagen and a host of other big Twin Cities talents, plus... Nazis, should be interesting... - Rarig Arena

10:00 - Philip Simondet - Demo Tape

hee, hee, I finally get to see this goofy little thing off my Top 10 list -  very much looking forward to it - Mixed Blood

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