Thursday, August 06, 2015

2015 Fringe - Stuff I'm Seeing Thursday

Mom's trekking across Indiana and visiting some friends today on her way home to PA, so I'm once again Fringing solo tonight.  Here's what I'm seeing, assuming I can get a ticket:

5:30 - Bollywood Dance Scene - Spicy Masala Chai 

starting off with some Bollywood two nights in a row? (fingers crossed) - this one comes from the the original Fringe Bollywood juggernaut from last year - on my Top 20 list - so I'm curious - Rarig Proscenium

If I can't get in to the Spicy Masala Chai, my backup is Insomniac down in the Rarig X - I liked the use of music in their Fringe preview.  Not sure how the concept plays out - "From Nashville to Minneapolis, pop/rock band The Restless brings a rock show to the theater stage. All in one night, music of The Restless overwhelms a man who is just trying to sleep." Added bonus, cute guy in a hoodie, I'm not gonna lie.
7:00 - Abas Theatre Company - The Debutante

F. Scott Fitzgerald for the stage - This theater is run by a writer/actor friend of mine, so I'm intrigued.  Hard to tell from their Fringe preview if they're going to nail the period behavior or not, but at that point they still had a couple of weeks of rehearsal left.  "Take a wild ride with the rich and foolish in local hero F Scott's tale of young love and all the passion, merriment and pathos that comes along with it. Fast and funny, some of his best writing on love & loss." - Rarig Arena

8:30 - Preus Productions - Hank & Jesus (Hay-soos)

another one from my Top 20 list - some acoustic guitar, some spiritual searching, so I'm doubly curious - Rarig Arena

10:00 - minnerican productions - Pam + Javi = Forever

one of only a handful of Fringe shows this year GLBT content; liked their Fringe preview, so I'm checking out these storytellers "Two noted storytellers join forces. Pam and Javi grew up queer in very different places: Iowa and Puerto Rico. At turns moving and hilarious, they explore the kinds of difference difference makes." - Rarig Proscenium

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