Thursday, August 04, 2016

Fringe 2016 - The Usual Suspects - Tom Reed and Anna Weggel (Fringe Top 10 2008)

I missed the first outing for Couple Fight, so Mom and I are grabbing a look at Couple Fight II: Friends and Family (Thursday 8/4, 8:30pm, their opening night):

Real pairs of friends, family and lovers reenact real fights in this sequel to 2015 Fringe hit "Couple Fight." Mixing heaviness and hilarity, couples outwit a toddler, bridge political divides and solve racism.

And after a long weekend of Fringe-going, I gave Mom the option on Sunday 8/7 night of staying put in the Rarig Center for the final slot at 10pm, or we could walk all the way down the block and half way up the hill on Cedar Street to catch Tom Reed’s Lounge-asaurus Rex act.  Mom didn’t hesitate.  For Tom Reed she’s breaking out the walking cane and getting some evening exercise to make that last venue of the night.

Lounge-asaurus Rex is the greatest lounge singer in the world and he knows it. In this audience-inspired lounge act, Rex works the crowd with witty banter, soaring ballads and dangerously sensual dance moves.

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