Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Fringe 2020 - Virtual Fringe - Nightly Fringe 7 - Wednesday, August 5

(Blogger changed the interface on me overnight so there's a bit of a learning curve. Have patience with a slightly slower pace posting today, plus any goofs, which I'll do my best to correct as we go...)

The Minnesota Fringe Festival's Nightly Fringe offerings on Wednesday, 8/5 are composed of two Millers, no relation.

In the 7 to 7:30pm slot:

Focus Testing, from Tristan Miller

"A Comedy Podcast where 2 comedians (Tristan Miller, Tucker Dally Johnston) pitch movies from a random prompt."

It wasn't until I saw Tristan Miller's preview in the traveling artists showcase prior to opening night of the festival last year that I realized, "Oh, yeah, I definitely want to see that."  His stand-up comedy show Manic Impressive was supposed to be dealing with fun subjects like bipolar disorder and depression, and given that my mother had just died a month before the festival, I wasn't entirely sure I was up for it.  But while Miller may be a comedian with a mission, but he's still a comedian and a very funny one.  My tweet review at the time was "to be brief, @TristanJMiller1’s stand-up show Manic Impressive was... both :) An entertaining, informative and quite circuitous tour through a brain that can make his life challenging sometimes - 5 stars."  Basically after that introduction, I'm down for whatever he's doing next.  And this one just seems like random comedy, perfect for a Wednesday evening.  And they've been doing this podcast for a few months now already, so they're not experimenting on you with something they haven't tried before - you can check out previous episodes like "Sequels to our favorite films," "Ratatoulli but with Lice," "Santa Claus?" and "Serial Cereal"

(Warnings: Adult language, crude humor - because it's two improvisors pitching movie ideas, and they're probably not Disney films; for ages 16 and up)

In the 8 to 8:30pm slot:

Edith Vs. Quarantine: 89 and One Tough Cookie, from Amanda Erin Miller

"Edith Shlivovitz, a ferociously spirited octogenarian, hasn’t left her apartment since Covid-19 descended upon NYC. Through belting showtunes to her taxidermied cat, pretending to be a snake, Zooming with her long-dead husband, and much more, she shares her journey during these solitary months and the lessons learned along the way."

A fellow blogging geek, New England Theatre Geek, previously reviewed this show as follows: "Miller’s character shoots through Zoom, past the door of your bedroom and into the street like porn on an iPhone at a family reunion."

So... there's that, which accomplishes the task of making me even more curious to see the show without spoiling a thing.  Well done.

She was previously here at our Fringe non-virtually (I miss theater IRL) with her solo show The Jew In The Ashram, which I didn't get a chance to see, but those of you who caught it have a frame of reference for the performer.  She's already hit the digital Fringe circuit with Edith in Philly and Providence.  She's toured other 3-D, in person performances to Edinburgh and Edmonton, Pittsburgh and Portland, San Francisco and Rochester, just to name a few, so we've got a seasoned Fringer here.  I'm looking forward to finally catching her act since I missed her the first time through.

(No warnings; for ages 16 and up)

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