Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Fringe 2020 - Virtual Fringe - Nightly Fringe 10 - Saturday, August 8

Minnesota Fringe closing weekend Saturday 8/8 on the Nightly Fringe roster, we have a returning favorite traveling trio, plus some improv comedy built for the small screen:

In the 7 to 7:30pm slot:

Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Virtual Style, from The Fourth Wall

"Part chamber music group, part devised theatre company, part modern dance troupe, part circus act, The Fourth Wall blends music, theatre, dance, and acrobatics into a new hybrid art form. In their award-winning variety show Fruit Flies Like a Banana, this trio of musicians creates new interdisciplinary works and reinterprets classic repertoire - all performed in an order chosen by the audience - to make music that leaps off the stage.  Interactive online performances of Fruit Flies Like a Banana put everyone in a front-row seat, and all are invited to help create a show that leaps off the screen."

The trio of Hilary Abigana on flute, C. Neil Parsons on bass trombone, and Greg Jukes on percussion and accordion are a true delight.  Mom and I never tired of seeing them and would rearrange our schedule to make sure we caught them whenever they were doing the Minnesota Fringe Festival - even when they were out on the far side of town doing the Family Fringe, we followed.  I'm super curious to see how they adapt to an online venue.  More than most performers, the joy, the challenge and the comedy is the three of them together in the same space, along with their audience.  But if anyone can blow the doors off the thing, it's them.

(No warnings; for ages 2 to 6 and up)

In the 8 to 8:30pm slot:

On the Fringe of Improv, from Scenes from a Hat

"Minnesota based public access TV show currently running for two years, now with an online version of the show due to social distancing. The show features improv comedy performed live by a group of very skilled improvisers with real-time audience suggestions."

Another improv troupe I haven't had the pleasure of seeing in action before so, again, I'm curious.  And since they've been honing their craft together for a while, I'm expecting it to be quite enjoyable.

Cast listed as: Jay Sterling, John Bickford, M.A. Doerfler, Cherelle-Renée Childs, Remy Argentum, Rod Motzko, Mark Olson, Kat Fenton

(Warnings: Adult language, Crude humor; for ages 12 to 15 and up)

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