Monday, July 27, 2020

Fringe 2020 - Virtual Fringe - Nightly Fringe 5 - Monday, August 3

Kicking off the Fringe work week with Nightly Fringe on Monday, 8/3 we have the double feature of:

In the 7 to 7:30pm slot:

TV Tunes with Leslie Vincent

"Join Leslie Vincent as she sings and ukuleles through time's most iconic TV tunes with the aid of Mr. Josh Carson, verified TV expert."

If you haven't heard Leslie Vincent sing and play the ukulele before, you've been missing something.  She's a delight.  Hop on over to her music homepage and just turn on any of her recent home concerts and just enjoy yourself (oh, and she's got an album coming out just a week after this Fringe show, so check that out, too).  And if you haven't seen Josh Carson in a Fringe show, uh, well, welcome to the Fringe, first-timer - you must have just moved here since September 2019.

For those of you asking "What's TV?" or "What's a TV show theme song?" just, I don't know, leave me alone, I'm old.

This will be the online theatrical equivalent of comfort food for me and I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with the two of them for half and hour.  It will go too fast.  I almost don't care what they're doing, but TV show themes is a bonus.

(No warnings, because, well, do you really need any for this one?  for ages 7 to 11 and up)

In the 8 to 8:30pm slot:

Good Grief (and other ways to process loss), from Melancholics Anonymous

"Five rambunctious kiddos (Claire Chenoweth, Bianca Davis, Matthew Humason, Annika Isbell, Timothy Kelly, Rachel Ropella - ok, one of these is actually the group leader but there isn't a cast list so...), each mourning the loss of a special person, meet for the first time in Ms. Lorraine's grief group. Come for the snacks, stay for the eggs."

OK, last year would have been WAY too soon for me to see this one, but since it's been a year, and I've sat in on a fair number of grief support groups myself, and been seeing a grief therapist since January (yeah, it's a hell of a long waiting list for therapy), I should be good to watch this one.  If it's accurate, I'll probably enjoy myself and even laugh.  If it's inaccurate, it'll piss me off.  But why would someone write something like this if they didn't have personal experience with it, right?  (I had to go and type that, didn't I?)  Guess we'll see.  I am, weirdly, looking forward to this and super curious.  I'm assuming I'll get the egg joke after I see the show.

(Warnings: Mental illness; for ages 7 to 11 and up)

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