Monday, July 27, 2020

Fringe 2020 - Virtual Fringe - Nightly Fringe 6 - Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday, 8/4 on the Nightly Fringe roster we have two shows each in their own very different way inspired by pandemic:

In the 7 to 7:30pm slot:

Dame daDA & the Covidada Meta Show, from Nichole Hamilton

"After living in a Beckett play for long have I been here? What a question... Dame daDa invites you to share 1800 seconds of silliness as we make (non)sense of where we have been and ponder where are we going, and why ARE we in this handbasket?!  Dame daDA appeared in the 2017 Fringe Festival at the Ritz Theatre Studio where one Minnesotan stopped her on 13th Avenue and exclaimed "I don't know what I just saw, but I loved it." Dame daDA brings a little something different in the guise of storytelling, standup, satire, games, performance art (ew, gross), and pure ridiculousness, this isn’t a show…it’s meta."

She had me at "Why ARE we in this handbasket?!"

Missed her show in 2017, but I'm totally there for this one based on the description alone.  I do worry if I'll notice absurdity onstage given, you know, reality right now, but let's see...

(Warnings: Adult language; for ages 16 and up)

In the 8 to 8:30pm slot:

The Cut-Out Bar, from Landman Land (aka your host, Sam Landman)

"Sam's been collecting obscure albums with sad, strange cover art for years. Now, thanks to the pandemic, he's finally listening to them all. Pour yourself a drink & help him judge some of the most unlistenable albums ever committed to wax."

Sam's been doing this show online since the pandemic started, so he's got the routine down by now.  And I'm sure he has the perfect music chosen for this particular half hour installment.  This is definitely going to take the edge off of whatever passes for Tuesday in the real world right now.

(Warnings: Adult language; for ages 18 and up only - because it's Sam, drinking, talking about bad music, he can't be held responsible)

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