Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Fringe 2020 - Virtual Fringe - Nightly Fringe 11 - Sunday, August 9

And for the grand finale on the Nightly Fringe roster, a double feature of comedy and dance.

In the 7 to 7:30pm slot:

Lauren and Nissa Present: Fun Times, from Special When Lit
(aka Lauren Anderson, Nissa Nordland)

"Lauren and Nissa Present: Fun Times is a brand new two person sketch comedy offering where Lauren and Nissa attempt to find fun while the world is dying. The concept came up because…look around."

I've seen so much good comedy from both these women, all you have to do is say they're involved and I'm sold.  And both of them together in the same show?  Absolutely.  Sign me up.

(Warnings: Adult language, Drug content, Sexual content; for ages 12 to 15 and up)

In the 8 to 8:30pm slot:

Rabet Mynd, from Rogue & Rabble Dance

"In the garden, where all our fears can find us, the RABET MYND tells us to fight...or freeze...or fawn...or take flight... A solo dance in four sections, created by dancer/choreographer Jesse Schmitz-Boyd"

Don't have any previous experience with this artist that I'm aware of, but it isn't Fringe for me if I can't see some dance, so I'll take it.

(No warnings; for ages 12 to 15 and up)

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