Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Fringe 2021 - Best Shows I've Seen - 4.5 and 5 Star Shows

Here's a collection of the tweet reviews and links to full reviews (once I post them, of course :) of all the top-tier shows I've seen at the Minnesota Fringe Festival (I'll keep adding day to day as the festival - and my blogging - continues)

5 Star Shows

Breakneck Comedy of Errors - Timothy Mooney Repertory Company

Tweet review: #mnfringe Friday: Breakneck Comedy of Errors - @TimMooneyRep takes convoluted Shakespearean comedy, turns it into a bullet train, plays over a dozen characters w/out breaking a sweat; delightful, and harder than he makes it look - 5 stars

The Consciousness - Nique Content

Tweet review: #mnfringe Thursday: The Consciousness, from Nique Content - great script by @bethanyjdickens; fun cast; nicely shot, edited, step way above most archival recordings; sci fi and queer, two of my favorite things - 5 stars

The Darger Project aka The Darger Project - The Winding Sheet Outfit

Tweet review:  #mnfringe Friday: The Darger Project (etc) -@duchess_of_pie's Winding Sheet Outfit serves up a behind the scenes video which is so wonderfully meta and odd it becomes the show; artists in isolation discovering the work of an artist in isolation; enchanting - 5 stars

Fruit Flies and Friends - The Fourth Wall

Tweet review: #mnfringe Thursday: Fruit Flies and Friends - @4thWallEnsemble nails "turning lemons into lemonade" situation, being forced to go to video rather than tour live; delightful collaborations, beautiful visuals, quirky clever editing, lovely music, just f***in great - 5 stars

GenderTalks - TransTheatreFest and Water House Collective

Tweet review: #mnfringe Sunday: GenderTalks, from TransTheatreFest and Water House Collective - docu-play of trans/non-binary conversations by 100% trans/non-binary cast/creative team; *fascinating* and a real eye-opener; mind blown - 5 stars

 The Gray and The Gold - Maximum Verbosity

Tweet review: #mnfringe Sunday: The Gray and The Gold, from @maxverbosity; storyteller phillip andrew bennett low weaves an engaging but dark tale of a wandering man on a quest full of talking wolves, cryptic cannibals, unexpected zombies, and bad dreams; first rate experimentation - 5 stars

Monster Island on $20 a Day - Monster Science Productions

Tweet review: #mnfringe Monday: Monster Island on $20 a Day from @RevMattK; yet another droll, meticulously researched (and cheekily power-pointed) lecture on creatures and locations that don't exist but sure would be fun to visit if they did; great fun - 5 stars

 VFF - Brian Feldman Projects

Tweet review: #mnfringe Monday: VFF, a free-wheeling hour long conversation on theater, life, pandemic (the usual) on video chat w/@BrianFeldman walking around his DC neighborhood; charming and real, how many "shows" can you say that about? 5 stars

4.5 Star Shows

Away, Now The World's Most Desired Destination - Theatre Mobile

Tweet Review: #mnfringe Thursday: Away, Now - The World's Most Desired Destination, from Theatre Mobile (@othererika) - skilled adaptation to video format; clever music, wordplay; fantastic miniatures; just a tiny bit long, but still solid Fringe material - 4.5 stars

The Encyclopedia Show - Word Sprout

Tweet review: #mnfringe Sunday: The Encyclopedia Show, hosted by @duckalishiss w/fact checker @RevMattK, this episode's subject: Fringe; not quite on board at first, then @Fishgirlariel's cry from the heart riveted me, and Pat Harrigan's Fringe TV series treatise brought it home - 4.5 stars

















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