Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Fringe 2021 - Favorite New Theater Company Name - Perfectly Normal Puppet Cult

Too bad the name of their show is "Blandville, USA"

And their show description is "Blandville, USA. Where nothing happens. Nothing at all. Seriously, nothing. Like, literally nothing happens, ever." 

And the "More Information" tab just says: "A normal day in Blandville, USA."

But hey, they caught my attention in a sea of show listings so, well done.

Now their bios show some signs of life: "Dominique has been a puppeteer since the age of 16, when they first got a job at their city’s local puppet wagon. What started as improvising classic children’s stories has morphed into Dominique creating comical tales of existential dread. Dominique hopes to continue making stories that are humorous, morbid, and ultimately delightful."

Now *that* show I probably want to see.  Don't bury the lede, dude.

Perfectly Normal Puppet Cult.

(hee hee)



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