Sunday, August 08, 2021

Fringe 2021 - Shows I've Seen That are OK to Good - 3, 3.5 or 4 Star Shows


Here's a collection of the tweet reviews and links to full reviews (once I post them, of course :) of all the mid-level shows I've seen at the Minnesota Fringe Festival (I'll keep adding day to day as the festival - and my blogging - continues)

4 Star Shows

The Not-So-Silent Planet: Where Dark Things Sleep - Word Sprout

Tweet review: #mnfringe Tuesday: The Not-So-Silent Planet: Where Dark Things Sleep - 3 horror-adjacent, creepy tales with a sense of humor, presented in thirds in rotation; Joshua English Scrimshaw is the standout - 4 stars

3.5 Star Shows

Pink Crap - Digi-Pixie Productions

Tweet review: #mnfringe Sunday: Pink Crap, from Digi-Pixie Productions; characters struggling to escape a pink video game; actors struggling to escape a play; bright and playful but also very dark and disjointed; out there and often succeeding - 3.5 stars

3 Star Shows

StockHome - Unreliable Narrator Theater Group

Tweet review: #mnfringe Friday: StockHome -@UNarrator doesn't match 2020's Super Patriots (but that's a very high comedy bar to clear); kidnapping as business model; either needed to be darker, or have less blood, not sure which I'd prefer - 3 stars

Two-Headed Boy - Broccoli and Cheese 

Tweet review:  #mnfringe Saturday: Two-Headed Boy - points for degree of difficulty, dedicated cast, cagey Zoom background work; all work to lift 90 min script set in super antigay Canada full of "I love my dead gay son!" melodrama, don't quite get it there, but wow do they try - 3 stars




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