Saturday, July 19, 2003

Friendly Persuasion (4th in a series)

...or Some Friends' Shows I Know that are Worth a Look

A double feature, courtesy of a friend of mine that's looking to bulk up her resume and apparently can't say no to a Fringe show

Cafe Delphi
Minneapolis Theater Garage

The Sugardaddy Project
Old Arizona

Delphi is being presented by local company Nimbus. They've done good and varied work thus far - both new work and established plays. This one is apparently by a playwright named Cockroach. And anyone willing to mix ancient Greek prophecy with fast food has to be given points for the non sequitur. Hey, I'm curious, whether it killed the cat or not (besides, I'm not a cat person)

Sugardaddy is being presented by 2 Desperate Chicks (no, that's the name of the company, I'm not making fun of them). One of the sugardaddies is Ari Hoptman. That alone is worth the price of admission.

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