Monday, July 21, 2003

If You Held a Gun To My Head (7 of 10)

...or, If I Could Only See 10 Fringe Shows...

what would they be and why?

Sock Puppet Serenade
Hunter Marionettes
Old Arizona

Some of you may have seen the titular sock puppet on strings and his friend the skeletal marionette narrator at Balls' Fringe Preview Night at the Southern Theater this past weekend.

If not, I can tell you, having met both puppets and their master first hand, that this show is sure to be a delight. A puppet show that even adults can revel in.

Kurt Hunter has studied with, among others, the guy who did the amazing marionette work seen in the movie "Being John Malkovich."

And when else can during the year can you say, "I'm going to see a puppet show" and not feel a little silly, except at Fringe time? So get out your old jokes about Pinocchio and strings, kick back and enjoy the serenade. I know some sweatsocks that will be happy you came.

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