Sunday, July 06, 2003

Live Nude Fringe

Well, not really.

Folks, for good or ill, you really don't have to worry about seeing too many naughty bits this year. So you can either relax and enjoy yourselves, or sigh and wish you were enjoying yourselves more.

There are only 3, count 'em, 3, shows with nudity warnings this year.

3 Way at Pillsbury House Theater, courtesy of Filthy Whore Productions, so what did you expect? Guy on guy on guy action (or rather, sorting it all out the morning after), for those of you that care one way or the other (personally I do care, and you can all decide for yourselves which way).

A Regular Night at the Strip Club at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage, a solo woman's show, so you can figure that one out.

and finally

Tyrannous Rex at the Old Arizona from Company C Nana of Australia, so you can rest assured that after the Fringe is over, you won't be running into Rex on the street. This may make things less or more enticing for some.

So take your pick, but remember, "The Fringe. It's not just naked people throwing food." (Now, more than ever)

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