Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Sure Things...

(or, try Sex with David Mann)

(or, experience something that someone before you has already tried and liked)

(or, if they decided to mount it again, it's worth your while to show up and watch)

But seriously folks, there are many - many, many, many - shows that are either back for a second helping of the Minneapolis audience because they were so popular the first time, or shows that have been making the Fringe or other theater circuits around the country and around the globe, picking up accolades wherever they go, that have finally landed in our neck of the woods.

Trying something new and untested make you nervous? Try some slightly used, but well loved and highly recommended theater.

For instance, (in no particular order)

the aforementioned Sex With David Mann, back again, this time at In The Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater (I can vouch for this one personally, I saw it the first time)

The Worst Show In The Fringe - last year's most popular Fringe show, one of the City Pages' Top Ten for 2002, also at In The Heart of the Beast.

Around the World In A Bad Mood - which started on the Fringe circuit, came through town, evolved into a one woman off-Broadway hit and is now back on the circuit, here at Hey City Theater Upstairs

Sabotage: in fine form - in its fourth year touring, with good reviews from Seattle to Albuquerque to LA to Montreal, playing at Hey City Theater, downstairs

ZAP! KUNST! or PRESTO! IT'S ART! - a remount of a City Pages Top 10 of 2000 on its first regular theatrical run, by a new Twin Cities troupe, The Theater Gallery, who have been collecting reviews from the Star Tribune that look more like love letters.

A Comment from the Peanut Gallery - trailing good reviews in its wake from places as far flung as New Zealand and Los Angeles, now settling in for a run at Acadia.

Charlie Bethel's Beowulf - a one-man home run at the Jungle Theater

Moby Dick by Herman Melville - also at the Jungle, by way of successful run in New York. As the artist's website says, "One Man. One Hour. One Whale."

War Golems - from Fifty Foot Penguin Theater and Zach Curtis, who has revised the show since its lauded first run. Now to be found at the Loring Playhouse.

Getting It Wrong - at Acadia, by way of LA

Pull Yourself Up By Your Bra Straps Again - over at Brave New Workshop, a sequel to one of the Star Tribune's top picks in 2002

Punk Rock Revisited - also at Brave New Workshop, another sequel, this one to Punk Rock Omaha, already a very buzzed about show.

One-Man Hamlet - wowed 'em all over Scotland and Canada, (with puppets, no less), now housed at our own Bryant Lake Bowl

Weaverville Waltz - also at the BLB, after bringing in praise in San Francisco as well as the Canadian Fringe circuit.

Pretty much anything involving the Scrimshaw Brothers (and they've got their hands in four, count 'em, four shows this year). They've been involved in nine of the first ten years of the Fringe. It wouldn't be a Fringe without them - Look Ma No Pants, or A One Woman Show featuring the Scrimshaw Brothers, etc. Can't go wrong.

The Point by Harry Nilsson - a VISTA productions remount at MCTC Whitney Mainstage, playing here before heading off as one of the selected acts at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland.

Medea - the company Eyewitness Theatre comes to us from England, and recently won the International Theatre Festival in Frankfurt, now at the Minneapolis Theater the Garage

Selling Blood - also at the Garage, also from England, this show was also a winner at the International Theater Festival, in Manchester in 2002.

69 Moments of Life by Terry Costa - one a roll from previous productions in Canada, now at our Old Arizona.

Emily Dickinson: My Letter to the World - back again at the Fringe after a popular initial run, labeled a "must see" by the Pioneer Press, also housed at Old Arizona

Tyrannous Rex - getting good press from Australia and Canada, now also setting up shop in Old Arizona

I Hate This - (no, really, that's the title) - on display at Red Eye Collaboration, after successful touring starting in Ohio.

So put a few of these in the mix, to put your mind at ease, and then try something brand new as well. Who knows, that new show this year could be next year's highly anticipated returning production.

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