Saturday, July 19, 2003

The Large Economy Size Shows

The praise and perils of 90 minute shows

When you're scheduling, be aware (not beware) the 90 minute show.

I realize this is mainly short attention span theater the week of the festival, but there are about two dozen shows on the docket that run for 90 minutes, rather than just under an hour like the rest of the festival offerings.

Just make sure you know how long your show is. You don't want to be overlapping with, or making a mad dash for, your next Fringe fix.

The nice thing about the 90 minute shows is they're a nice way to break up the pace of a breakneck day of theatergoing. First, you get to settle in and enjoy a slightly longer tale - and if it's a good story, I rarely am anxious for it to end.

2nd, it's really only half an hour longer. So it's still shorter than your standard issue full-length play experience. You're in and out in fine time.

3rd, because most shows run on the hour and half hour, you probably have an imposed break to catch your breath before the next show you planned to see (either before or after a 90-minute one) starts up. Plenty of time to even get from one end of town to the other.

So, 90 minute shows are your friend. Program a few in to mix things up.

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