Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Try a little bit of everything...

More than anything, the Fringe is a place to experiment with expanding your horizons - both cheaply and quickly.

$10 is a lot less than you would normally pay to see a dance performance, or just about any theater performance.

And if you find you don't like something, well, hey, it's only an hour out of your life, at least you tried, now you know, on to the next experience.

I'm not saying, "Go to things just because you think they're good for you (the artistic equivalent of eating all your vegetables.)"

By all means, go to as many things as you possibly can that strike you as fun.

But if there's such a thing as good performance art - and there are days, believe me, when I wonder - you've got a far better shot at finding it here than any other time during the year.

Dance, storytelling, solo pieces, huge ensembles, new plays, spoken word, dramas, musicals, puppets, juggling, comedy, physical feats of sheer daring of all types, improv, variety, vaudeville, cabaret, across the spectrum from "family friendly" to "queer content" and everything in between (often a mix of many of the above in a single show).

It's an embarrassment of riches in an already art-rich city. By all means, dive in. Don't be shy. There's plenty to go around for everyone.

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