Monday, July 07, 2003

Fringe TV alert

For those of you in the St. Paul area...

SPNN, the St. Paul Neighborhood Network, Channel 19

Tomorrow, July 8, 2003

The theater discussion show "Cue to Cue" is running its first two in a series of six episodes on the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

These two programs feature selections from Sock Puppet Serenade by Hunter Marionettes, spoken word artist Lisa Perez, Theatre Unbound's production of The Love Talker, and VISTA Production's musical The Point, as well as an overview of the festival by Executive Director of the Fringe, Leah Cooper.

The two half-hour episodes are run back to back in a hour block of time

3-4pm and 8:30-9:30pm.

A full schedule for this week exists in my first post, but I'll throw out reminders if I remember as well.

Just one of many ways you can preview the Fringe - also, check out the home page of the Fringe site for information on live showcases of local and out of town artists prior to opening night on August 1.

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