Monday, July 14, 2003

If You Held A Gun To My Head (4 of 10)

...or, If I Could Only See Ten Fringe Shows...

what would they be, and why?

Gilgamesh, Iowa
Bryant Lake Bowl

A 90-minute paean to male friendship, here after a sold-out run in Seattle - comedy, drama, monkeys, tiny houses, cryptozoologist, zombie prom, Irish grave diggers. Personally, I think the women's volleyball team and the wild west whores is trying too hard. I'm a sucker for tales of male bonding. I love a title that puts Gilgamesh and Iowa together. And, frankly, they had me at the name of the theater company. How can you not be a little curious about a band of theatre people who call themselves The Ethereal Mutt, Limited? I'm swinging wild on this one, but it's just too many quirky bits drawing me in. See you in Gilgamesh, Iowa.

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