Monday, July 21, 2003

Mailing Lists

Ah, summer at Fringe time - when the show cards are in bloom.

My mailbox sees more and more little, and no so little, show cards from a variety of artists, all plugging their Fringe shows each day.

That's the other great thing the Fringe is for, giving you an opportunity to get on all sorts of theater's mailing lists. If you're worried about felling one too many trees with all this paper, then hit the websites that the Fringe site has links to for the various artists and take your mailing lists on line into the ether ("no trees were harmed during the making of this e-mail"). And if they only have your email address, they still don't know where you live.

Once you're on mailing lists, there's sure to be a steady flow of info about theater beyond the Fringe coming your way for the rest of the year. You're always plugged into the scene. As Martha would say, "That's a good thing." (Well, it beats getting your hand caught in the stock exchange's cookie jar, anyway)

So sign up when and where you can.

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