Saturday, July 19, 2003

A Little International Flavor

Yes, people actually do come from not just all over the country, but all over the world, to take part in our Fringe Festival.

So let's give them an audience worth making the trip for.

After all, how often do you normally get to see award-winning theater ensembles from England the rest of the year? For $10 a show?

And not only our mother country, but our neighbor up north, Canada, is shipping them in.

Not to be outdone, several companies have hopped a plane from Australia. For battling jet lag alone, they deserve a hand.

There's also a dance company all the way from Nigeria.

So, utilize that "Out of Town" search on the website and expand your horizons across the border, and even a few oceans, to see how they create theater on other continents.

It's more than a bargain. Whether it shows you something completely different or shows you that we're not all that far apart after all in this scary world, it could change your whole outlook, very much for the better.

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