Sunday, July 27, 2003

Stop and Smell the Art

visual art, that is...

I have to admit, the first two years of the Visible Fringe I was too busy running around to stop and look.

This year, I'm leaving myself some breathing room at as many of the venues as possible so I can stop and smell the art.

20 different artists, themselves on the fringe, self-taught or with non-traditional training, all creating vital new art that fits the Fringe to a T. And it's for sale, too.

Programs of all the art will be available at all the venues where the art is on display. Still more of the art is showcased in a couple of local galleries. So pick up some info and take a look while you're waiting for them to open the house for that mad dash to general admission seating.

There's a sampling and statements from each of the artists on the this website, too.

There's a discussion of the Visible Fringe in the "Cue to Cue" shows available online. Give it a listen. Doing the show opened my eyes to a whole other dimension of the Fringe Festival. I'm looking forward to catching my breath and taking in still more art while I'm at it in the coming weeks.

And yes, Mom's gonna see some, too, and I'm sure she won't be shy about expressing her opinion.

Wonder if we'll buy anything? Stranger things have happened. Maybe I'll send Mom back to Pennsylvania with something she can't fit in her suitcase.

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