Saturday, July 19, 2003

Fringe Fashions

My Fringe T-shirt and bag arrived in the mail the other day. Very spiffy, and practical as well.

There's a list of the entire catalog of shows on the back of the shirt and one side of the bag. And little check boxes you can check off as you see all the shows on your list.

Or you could get a friendly stranger to help you with the back of the T-shirt. "Here, I'll bend over..." (But enough about picking up men at the Fringe...)

Personally, I think boxer shorts is going overboard, but if you like that sort of thing, you can order a pair and keep the Fringe very close to your...heart.

Also mugs with very tiny print (but again, all the shows are there for the squinting), traveling coffee containers, baseball-style shirts, etc.

Only available online, folks, so don't go looking for them at the Fringe venues during the festival. If you want to get them, the time is now and the place is the website.

So celebrate the Fringe's 10th Birthday and get a little souvenoir of the largest Fringe Festival in the United States.

They're like my own little website databases in one shot. I can scan over the list and see who I've neglected to mention.

Speaking of which...

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