Thursday, July 24, 2003

Our story thus far...

So, my top ten "must sees", in the order I rhapsodized about them

1. Baseball, Dogs and Motorcycles - Kevin Kling
2. Staggering Toward America - Rip Rekke
3. Voice In Head - The Theatrical Music Company
4. Gilgamesh Iowa - The Ethereal Mutt, Limited
5. The Hobbit - Rhino Productions
6. I Hate This - Bad Epitaph Theater Company
7. Sock Puppet Serenade - Hunter Marionettes
8. Beauty and the Beast - Ballet of the Dolls
9. One Man Hamlet - Theater Inconnu
10. Industrials - Ministry of Cultural Warfare


Now I just have to schedule them - and all my other friends' shows. Good thing I can get in more than one a night.

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