Thursday, July 24, 2003

OK, I'm Curious (2nd in a series)

I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me

but I will watch others

Still, having two left feet, no adequate vocabulary for movement, and being shamed by others' superior grace and agility, dance shows tend to make me feel stupid.

Not wanting to feel stupid, I tend to stay away from them.

This is probably more stupid.

So thankfully, once a year, the Fringe allows me to get my head out of my own uncoordinated butt and thrusts me into a world filled with dance.

Apart from Ballet of the Dolls, about which I have already made a shameful confession (see If You Put A Gun To My Head, #8) here are a couple of dance shows that are calling out to me...

Noah Bremer
Minneapolis Theater Garage

"...inspired by Buster Keaton, Pilobolus and Salvador Dali"
"You got your Keaton on my Pilobolus!"
"Well, you got your Pilobolus on my Dali!"
Three great tastes that taste great together.
Besides, the guy in the photo looks cute. (Hey, whatever gets 'em in the seats, that's what I say)

The Rules of the Land
Ijeoma Performing Group
Minneapolis Theater Garage

They came all the way from Nigeria. I'm not gonna see that every day.

Probably more dance than I'll see all the rest of the year, but hey, it's something.

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