Saturday, August 07, 2004

Fringe Day 1, Part 6 - August 6, 2004, 11:20pm-ish

Look Ma, No Pants: The Last One
The Scrimshaw Brothers
Loring Playhouse

Mom says, "They were very, very funny" (even at 1:30am as we walked home)

What do you need me to tell you about the Scrimshaws that you don't already know and my mom didn't just find out?

5 stars, laugh out loud funny. You know that.

The Impossibles, with ever increasing amounts of alcohol factored into their improv. You know that.

Special guests: Ari Hoptman's poetry on crack. You know that.

The No Pants Dancers' hysterically awkward choreography (and Adrienne English's breasts - which apparently will not be denied). You know that.

Ancient comedians. Homoerotic, racist, misogynist, politically incorrect - but all in fun - "Forgotten Comedians." Reminiscing over a fine bottle of jug wine. Shameless plugs for other shows. A cute and cranky tech guy playing with the lights. Violent and lascivious audience participation ("I like to pretend his skinny white ass is mine"). Viciously funny parodies of Fringe show brainstorming. Even the occasional unscripted breaking of furniture. You know that.

(Side note Mike Swanson's pretty hot, in a sort of "Aryan Hitler Youth all grown up" kind of way)

It's all here, baby. Just check your pants and enjoy. My mom did.

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