Saturday, August 07, 2004

Fringe Taxi - Open for Business

One more thing the Fringe is good for, getting me to clean out my car.

Last year I ended up offering an impromptu ride to the Gilgamesh boys, since we were at the same show one afternoon, and they asked, but I was kind of mortified by the amount of crap in the car - "Uh, oh just shove that music stand (?) and three month old City Pages and, uh...ew, sorry about the side"

So Mom held a bag and I scooped out all the detritis the car had to offer - about three bags full.

Apparently, I'm obsessed with running out of music (a whole bag full of cassette tapes to sort through), running out of ink (the secret graveyard of empty pens), getting lost (maps upon maps - I have the world's worst sense of direction, even though I've lived here - eek, 13 years now), and halitosis (five half-consumed containers of Altoids).

But the floor and seats of the car have all been reclaimed from my landfill on wheels, so if you're an out of towner and you need a lift and my Mom and I happen to be heading your way (or even if you're not an out of towner, if you're a Fringer without wheels), feel free to ask should we meet you on our journeys. You know our schedule, it's in the blog. We'll be happy to give you a lift.

(We're hoofing it to Loring Playhouse, Acadia, and the MCTC stages, but otherwise, we'll be tooling around in my dented old blue Chevy Cavalier)

Well, now on to the actual blogging about shows...

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