Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fringe Snapshot, Day 4

Much blogging to be done, but while I'm at it, here's a taste of what yesterday was like (when I actually managed to make it to a show on time...)

Women! Live On Stage! - 4 stars - the latest entry from Theatre Unbound, and the kick off for their new season. This raises the bar yet again for quality of production values in an Unbound show. The script is sharp and the acting sharper in an all-woman scattershot tour through theatre history - revealing unknown or forgotten major contributions to the art form in a series of amusing vignettes taking on performance styles as different as the myriad of countries and centuries from which they sprang. Recommended.

The 7 Project - 3-1/2 stars - 7 experimental films covering the 7 Deadly Sins - a mixed bag of results from a fine concept but some great comedy and unsettling drama that's worth a look. I'm just happy film is returning to the Fringe.

Now I'm going to try and elaborate on all of that.

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