Monday, August 09, 2004

What Is This, the Fringe blog version of MEMENTO?

You may notice I'm doing things a little out of chronological order.

Well, they are in order, just a different sort of order - the order of shows that have performances coming up first.

So Mary Kelley and 10,000 Comic Books were on the boards tonight.

Up next, some of my favorite 5-star quality experiences in the Fringe so far...

The Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen
Philosophy: The Music of Ben Folds

All highly recommended (and with performances tomorrow! - Tuesday 8/10), and soon you'll find out precisely why I think so.

Following those, my other 5-star favorites

Death Penalty Puppetry
(I told you I had a feeling about those guys)
Plants and Animals

DPP goes up again on Thursday, P&A on Friday. Don't miss them.

For the moment, I'm off to Metamorphoses.
Then, Women! Live On Stage!
Then, The 7 Project

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