Friday, November 11, 2016

Writing Challenge 2016 #10 - Debauchery

NWC #10- "Debauchery" DUE Nov 11th at 8am

Why? Why the hell not?
I know you normally keep it classy and despise "excessive" or "not justified" displays of sex violence or negative language.

Not today!

Some Structures to try:

   - Serious or Comedic Sandwich (start with something sad,        have some comedy in the middle, or FLIP IT
   - Escalate into climactic chaos
   - The false ending
   - Start big and dribble out
   - Music- ABA

Have some fun. You've earned this.


Yet another scene (following on after this one, and this one...)


Kissing.  Standing.  Tangled up in each other.

AUGGIE has somehow navigated them down the hall from wherever they were and back into Micah's bedroom without them falling over.

     (between kisses)

Kissing.  Laughing.

Fumbling with clothes.

AUGGIE can't get his off fast enough.

He's down to his boxers in no time flat, still catching as many kisses and touches as he can between swift moves.

MICAH struggles with his belt.

Gives up.

Struggles with his buttons.

Gives up.

Tries to balance on one foot while pawing at the shoe on his other foot in mid-air, unable to get a useful grip on the shoelace.

His bouncing and struggling slows to a stop and he starts ducking some of AUGGIE's kisses.

                          AUGGIE (cont'd)
No thinking.
No thinking allowed.

AUGGIE swiftly removes Micah's belt.

                          AUGGIE (cont'd)
This is happening.

AUGGIE swiftly unbuttons and removes Micah's shirt.

                          AUGGIE (cont'd)
I am having my way with you.

AUGGIE swiftly removes the T-shirt underneath Micah's shirt.

                          AUGGIE (cont'd)
This is all me.  Not you.

AUGGIE pushes Micah's pants down, but the shoes are in the way.

                          AUGGIE (cont'd)
I am totally taking advantage of you, and I have absolutely no shame or guilty conscience about this.

AUGGIE drops to his knees, unties and flings away both of Micah's shoes.

                          AUGGIE (cont'd)
Because I am required, by law, to take you - right now.

How did I miss this law before now?

Because it only goes into effect when the very worst of Republicans are elected to high office.

Only the worst.

The absolute worst.
Then, I am bound, by a sacred oath, to have as much gay sex with other men as I can possibly squeeze into a single 24 hour period.
You are right here, in front of me.
It is my civic duty.
In fact, I'm already down here on my knees in front of you. I should really get started, don't you think.

AUGGIE reaches for Micah's briefs.

MICAH stops Auggie by grabbing his hands.  But he doesn't remove them from where they are.

                          AUGGIE (cont'd)
You're thinking again.  This is not a time for thinking.  This is a national emergency.

Which can only be solved with gay sex?

Lots, and lots, of gay sex.
You and me, buddy.
For God and country.

Auggie -

AUGGIE slowly rises to face MICAH.
But he doesn't back away.
As he speaks his mouth runs slowly up the length of Micah's body, causing MICAH to tremble - but he doesn't back away.

I need to be inside you in the worst way.
As soon, and as completely, as possible.
I intend to fuck you until your eyes roll back in your head.
I intend to fuck you until you scream and claw at my back.
I intend to fuck you until you beg me to stop.
And then I'm going to fuck you some more.
Until we both pass out from exhaustion, or the complete exodus of blood from our brains to other parts of our anatomy.
I want to fall asleep inside you.
Then I want to wake up and start fucking you all over again.
Do you have a problem with any of that?


About damn time.

AUGGIE pushes MICAH until he flops back down on the bed.

He makes short work of Micah's briefs,

shimmies out of his own boxers,

and pounces.

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