Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Writing Challenge 2016 #15 - Fable/Fairy Tale

NWC #14- "Fable/Fairy Tale " DUE Nov 15th at 8am

A lot of authors get rid of their unique "voice" to somehow be "correct" in the culture of writing a play

Be yourself. Be all your good and bad parts. Talk like you talk. Have fun the way you do...

Take a Fable or Fairy Tale- or make up your own, and insert your true silly warty self into it
*Bonus*: Talking animals
*Bonus*: You (as the real you) are one of the talking animals

(I actually do have to work on a fairy tale related project in the near future so this is useful, just not today.  Today I have another deadline staring me in the face so I'm going to work on that non-fairy tale related bit of writing...)


A list of things I never told you.
I love you.
Might as well get that one out of the way up front.
Don't want to bury the lede.  Get cut off before I get there this time.
Not that there's any danger of you interrupting me.
I suppose I should say I loved you.
Past tense.
Present tense not being possible.
But I don't think it ever ended.
Because it never really properly started.
I was working up to it - saying it.
But then you changed course.
I know you can't be with a person 24 hours a day.  It's not healthy.
And I know we weren't exclusive.  We never had that conversation, so I couldn't just assume.
You were pretty up front about being free and easy.
It's how we tumbled into bed in the first place, so I'm not complaining.
But honestly, when did you have the time?
To build something, with somebody else.
I didn't feel you pulling away.
I didn't seem to be getting less of your time or attention.
But suddenly, yeah, I'm with this other guy and I think it's serious, so I can't see you anymore.  Not that way.  We'll still be friends.  But you're on your own.
And from then on, no time.
I wasn't a priority anymore.
And I didn't feel like I had a leg to stand on, in terms of demanding anything.
That was just - it.
I got invited to a Christmas party or two.
Then I got the occasional Christmas card, even though we still lived in the same city about 10 blocks away from one another.
The mutual friends I met through you, they all retreated.
You became a stranger.
Your own country.
Seemed like a happy enough place.
I wouldn't know.
Then last week I found out you died.  A month ago.
And the other day, I found out you killed yourself.
So -
Now there's just a list of things I never told you.
And it's growing.
Because it's all I can think about.

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