Sunday, August 02, 2020

Misadventures in Virtual Fringe 2020, part 1: My Big Gay Debutante Ball

So, here's the thing...

Has anyone else found more than a minute and a half of My Big Gay Debutante Ball?

Because the description of the show is posted as:

My Big Gay Debutante Ball is a epic solo musical about a midwestern preacher’s daughter who braves her way out of hiding into a re-created world where gay women are celebrated with a fabulous coming-out ball. (Adult language, Sexual content)

The group is listed as Kinetic Dust.  The performer is listed as Meg Anderson.

Yesterday I was thinking, I'll watch the show with "gay" in the title over lunch.

It seemed like the proper thing for an LGBTQIA+ reviewer like myself to do.

So I went to the Virtual Fringe's Digital Hub section with pre-recorded offerings and I clicked the link and was taken to a YouTube page for Meg Anderson labeled

And for just a second I thought it was listed as an hour and 25 minutes long.

Nope.  A minute and 25 seconds.

Hmmm... that description is a lot of plot for a minute and 25 seconds.

Guess it won't last for my whole lunch break after all.

I clicked play and...

Well, it wasn't big.  And there wasn't a debutante ball.

But it was definitely gay.

The performer in a field of colorful flowers, many of them examined with a thoroughness of which Georgia O'Keefe would have approved.

Lying among the flowers, the narrator's voiceover talks about a time when she was 18 and discovered a few things about herself.

One, how to (shall we say?) stimulate herself.

Two, that rather than thinking about a man when she did this, she was thinking about a girl named Mandy.

Because she was a teenager at the time, this was over quickly.

And... scene.


Is this just the shortest Fringe show on record, or is there supposed to be more of it hiding somewhere?

Did someone see more during the first couple of days and it got taken down for some reason?

Just curious.

What's there is certainly well done - nicely shot, edited and performed.

I'd watch more of the story if there is any.

To be continued... (I guess?)

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a quick one to watch and check off your list, this qualifies.

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