Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Virtual Fringe 2020 - 2 and 3 Star Show Rundown

Here's a list of coverage and further links to reviews of 2 and 3 star shows I've seen in this year's Virtual Fringe:

3 Star Shows

Between... Then, Now, Next
Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: Between... Then, Now, Next, from Ray Terrill Dance Group; compilation of archival dance footage from 2001, 2006, 2012; media elements in 2012 overwhelmed dance, 2006 more successful, 2001 shaky cam - 3 stars

Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: Broadstroke, from Rich Reeder, recounting the time he suffered a stroke, the journey there and back; solid cast, high production values given the social distance situation; wish the script were a bit clearer w/the story's purpose - 3 stars

The Prostate
Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: The Prostate, basically Daniel Hertz telling us about a prostate exam; 4 straight men, traumatic; 4 this gay man, eyeroll, at least buy me dinner first; imagine his Southern urologist is Lindsay Graham and it's much funnier - 3 stars

3 Way Lovve
Tweet Review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: "3 Way Lovve" from Maatology Productions; positives: hard-working actors, great soundtrack, inventive ways of breaking Zoom wall between actors (props, coke, sex, violence); script, however, needs a LOT of work - 3 stars

2 Star Shows

Tweet review: #mnfringe Friday #NightlyFringe: Confessional, from Reservoir Frogs; awkward; part technology, part execution of concept; transitions painfully prolonged; character and story handoffs didn't really ever land; improv via Zoom is hard but not impossible - 2 stars

Etched Glass Decanter
Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: Etched Glass Decanter, from Evening Crane Theater; audio drama sadly lacking either drama or good audio; also currently has 4 parts posted, totaling almost 4-1/2 hours; by end of part 1, nothing was still happening so... 2 stars

Good Grief
Tweet Review: Virtual #mnfringe catchup: guitar lesson during 8pm showing last night, caught Good Grief replay this a.m. instead. Previously I posted "If it's accurate, I'll probably enjoy myself and even laugh.  If it's inaccurate, it'll piss me off." Well... - 2 stars

Oops, I F**ked My Mom and Killed My Dad and Now We're All In Hell!, or A Hellish Reunion
Tweet Review: #NightlyFringe outing #4 for virtual #mnfringe 2020: Oops, I F**ked My Mom and Killed My Dad and Now We're All In Hell!, or A Hellish Reunion; uh... oops, indeed; Feral Theatre has 4 other plays on the Digital Hub, maybe I'll click with one of those instead - 2 stars
Other Posts

Misadventures in Virtual #mnfringe 2020: Anyone out there find more than a minute and a half of "My Big Gay Debutante Ball"? Just curious.

And here's a handy set of links to the other coverage of Virtual Fringe 2020: a rundown of 5 star show coverage, 4.5 star show coverage, 4 star show coverage, and overviews of the lineups of each day's Nightly Fringe free online content

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