Sunday, August 02, 2020

Misadventures in Virtual Fringe 2020, part 2: Trudy Carmichael

Anyone last night have any better luck finding Trudy Carmichael than I did?

If so, I'm open to suggestions and tips.

I was planning to get an early show on the live performance side of the Virtual Fringe's Digital Hub last night and the 5pm showing of

Trudy Carmichael Presents The Improvised One-Woman Show!, from TruSongtress Productions

sounded like it might be fun

The description said: "Join legendary Las Vegas lounge singer, Trudy Carmichael as she 
improvises a hilarious One-Woman Show with entirely original songs and dialogue inspired 
by YOUR suggestions (and LIVE comments) ON THE SPOT! Musical Direction by Frank Spitznagel 
on the keys. 45 minutes (for ages 16 and up)

Robin Rothman as Trudy Carmichael 
Sean Taylor as Emcee Shane Taymor 
Frank Spitznagel as Frankie Keys on the Keys

So about ten to five I go online to get ready.

I click the link and it takes me to a page on Trudy's website, which has a link on it to the event.

Only you click on it and it leads you to a dead end.

I tried it a couple of times, same result.  I thought maybe I was checking too early.

I looked around, found a facebook page, and an event page.  Same thing, leading me back to the website and the bad link.

So I go into Facebook Live Events generally for the day, thinking there must be a way to trip across it there.

No luck.

It also lists Twitch, so I head over there looking for Trudy Carmichael.  Past events, nothing current.

I was ferreting around on the internet for a good twenty minutes, till ten past five, before I gave up.

I felt a little bad because what if no one could find her?  Kind of hard to improv with no audience and no suggestions.

I just reassured myself that someone more adept and determined than me must have gotten through somehow, and my bad luck was just a fluke.

But if anyone actually attended the show and can share some instructions on how to get there, I'd appreciate it.

After all, she still has one show left, next Sunday, also at 5pm.

Oh well.

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