Sunday, August 02, 2020

Virtual Fringe 2020 - Yay! Well done, FringeMiss!

(Previous overview) (for the curious)

It was very good news when the Friday night online fundraiser FringeMiss made its $10,000 goal early(!) to help the Fringe, and with twenty minutes to spare.

The other good news is that the video of the fundraiser, and all the talented people stuffed inside that two hour span, is still available for viewing on the newsfeed for Adventurous Artists.

The whole thing made me a bit homesick for hanging out with people.  If you feel the same way, then you'll probably enjoy all the banter between segments, too, with Shanan Custer, Duck Washington and Allison Witham.

But if you're just looking for the performances, I went through to find the times for you, so:

My two favorites are equally odd but very different shorts:

The Winding Sheet Outfit, at roughly 56 minutes 30 seconds in, producing their first original bit of film, involving Napoleon, and a very strange adversary he once met in battle (I won't spoil it)

Hit the Lights, at roughly 1 hour 15 minutes in, with their signature amazing shadow puppet work, this time about a mouse who lives their dream of becoming an astronaut on Mars

There's also fun stuff from 

Somerville Productions, at roughly 19 minutes 30 seconds in, with a dance and song to shake off the blues

Blackout Improv, at roughly 27 minutes 30 seconds in, with a delightfully random set of comedic bits

Oncoming Productions, at roughly 42 minutes 30 seconds in, with a new short play about a cult that keeps accidentally doing a spell that calls down the apocalypse

The talented guys of the Stoopidity Collective (Domino D'Lorian, Michael McKitt, and Ian McCarthy), at roughly 1 hour 31 minutes 30 seconds in, with a great introduction to a clip from their Fringe show last year, which because it was so popular in such a small venue, not enough folks got a chance to see.

SAATH (South Asian Arts and Theater House, formerly Bollywood Dance Scene), at roughly 1 hour 38 minutes 30 seconds in, who very successfully find a way around not being able to do a huge dance number with all the dancers in one space


And keep giving to the Fringe.  This was a big boost to getting them to their goal, but we've still got a ways to go.  Keep Fringe alive so we can all meet in August 2021.

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