Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Virtual Fringe 2020 - 4.5 Star Show Rundown

Here's a list of coverage and further links to reviews of 4.5 star shows I've seen in this year's Virtual Fringe

#mnfringe review - Break The Dice from @BeardedCoMpls, "a goofy, pleasant diversion" 4.5 stars (link to full review)
Tweet Review:#NightlyFringe outing #1 for virtual #mnfringe 2020: Break the Dice; clever adaptation to Twitch/socially distant format, sound out of sync on my feed, but I just pretended they were poorly dubbed and enjoyed myself enormously - 4.5 stars

A Circus Show
Tweet Review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: "A Circus Show" from We Flip Entertainment; impressive acrobatic act with old timey circus feel; not really a narrative or a build to it but it was still pretty dazzling to watch them in action - 4.5 stars

The Cut-Out Bar
Tweet Review: Virtual #mnfringe #NightlyFringe Tuesday: "The Cut-Out Bar" from LandmanLand (aka @DroningEnnui); Sam, having a drink, listening to an obscure record album, commenting in league with online chat folks; simple but great fun, I may have to become a regular at this bar - 4.5 stars

Dame daDa and the Covidada Meta Show
Tweet Review: Virtual #mnfringe #NightlyFringe Tuesday: "Dame daDa and the Covidada Meta Show" from Nichole Hamilton; very genial and friendly for such a deliberately strange persona; fun accessible absurdity, fit for the times and a Virtual #mnfringe - 4.5 stars

8 Pills and Counting
Tweet review: Thursday #mnfringe #NightlyFringe: 8 Pills and Counting, from writer/director Gabriel Brosius; fearlessly tackles mental illness in queer community; super-inventive pushing the boundaries of live Zoom performance, solid acting; sometimes unintentionally confusing - 4.5 stars

The Frances Films
Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: The Frances Films, from actress/filmmaker Chris Szajbert; 7 tiny, unsettling experimental Zoom films charting the exploitation of a farm girl/rising starlet, filled with toys, fingers, thwarted women, and sexual assault - 4.5 stars

Love and Other Lures
Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: Love and Other Lures, from Dr. Dour and Peach; deeply weird world serving as backdrop for home concert of very clever and amusing monster songs; quarantine production quality really a cut above the rest - 4.5 stars

The Opinions of Men: A Stupid History of the Protestant Reformation
Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: The Opinions of Men, a Stupid History of the Protestant Reformation; a potpourri of various animation styles; actual history mixed w/lots of dumb jokes that largely work, though a few overstay their welcome; overall, good fun - 4.5 stars

Ragtag: A Circus In Stitches
Tweet review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: Ragtag, a Circus in Stitches, from Cirque US; sadly a static shot recording, but there's great variety, and the circus skills on display are really impressive, so it almost makes up for wishing there were some close-ups - 4.5 stars

Tweet Review: #mnfringe Digital Hub binge day: Meg Kirchhoff's "Wash/Repeat"; less than 6 minutes long, but it's a helluva 6 minutes; impressive camera and editing work to match overlapping movement performance in what seems like the world's cleanest bathroom - 4.5 stars

And here's a handy set of links to the other coverage of Virtual Fringe 2020: a rundown of 5 star show coverage, 4 star show coverage, 2 and 3 star show coverage, and overviews of the lineups of each day's Nightly Fringe free online content

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