Monday, July 30, 2012

Class of 98 - Mainly Me Productions

"Somewhere there is a sixty year old me who is pissed."

They say there's no such thing as second chances. Well, "they" forgot about time-travel. Mike and Lloyd are going back to school. Literally.

Just like Dovetail, I'd follow Mainly Me Productions just about anywhere, too. Josh Carson and company had me and my mother laughing so hard and so often with Our Freaking Kids Show last year that we probably missed half the jokes. Highly inappropriate, rapid fire comedy is what they do best. This preview promised more of the same with Josh somehow using time travel to go back and speak to his younger self in high school. Unfortunately his younger self doesn't agree with any of the advice from the future on how to cash in on the next big thing that hasn't happened yet. So Josh has to blow his cover as a guidance counselor to browbeat his younger self into getting with the program. Just like Dovetail, Tamara, and phillip, can't wait for more. (Oh, and bonus points to Josh and his hetero lifemate Andy for flirting with my mom at last year's Fringe. She remains charmed by you both.)

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