Monday, July 30, 2012

The Gay Banditos - The Mechanical Division

"We don't usually get gay things here."

Based on actual events: The Miller family shares the shocking details of how their lives were destroyed forever by extreme gayness. Educational and haunting. A story you can't un-see.

All the net proceeds from this one go to Minnesotans United For All Families, fighting the marriage amendment on the ballot this fall (Vote No In November, people). Would a good cause alone be enough to lure me into a show? Maybe. (It's going to be challenging this year, since you can't swing a dead cat in the 2012 Fringe without hitting someone whose show has some material dealing with the gay marriage issue.) Thankfully, here I don't need to worry. Mechanical Division's tale of a simple suburban family terrorized by "the gays" is hilariously obscene, and deliciously politically incorrect. The danger, of course, is that someone might take this satire seriously, but most Fringe audiences can be counted on to know the difference. Still, if excerpts from this thing show up on Fox News, we'll have only ourselves to blame. Naturally, I look forward to taking mom to see this one.

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