Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ivory Tower Burning - Jay Gabler

"Most people have the advantage of not being educated in Wisconsin."

As the Cold War rages, the idealistic young C. Wright Mills invades the Harvard office of vastly influential sociologist Talcott Parsons for a fiery debate about what is to come of our fast-rising superpower.

Jay's my editor at the Twin Cities Daily Planet so of course I'm going to support his show. Thankfully, this should be easy to do. Since I know nothing about sociology, and he wrote the book Sociology for Dummies, the subject matter should be most accessible. Two warring ideologies makes good fodder for conflict. Plus, in a casting twist, it's the two Gabler brothers on stage together. I spoke with Jay about his script back when he was first gearing up for production after his number was called in the Fringe lottery in February, so I know he knows his stuff. The preview wasn't as good a calling card as it might be, but I'm still intrigued by the whole idea of the thing and how he's tackling the challenge of making the subject theatrical. (On a related note, since Jay's my editor, is it wrong for me to mention I think his brother's cute? Seems awkward. Ah well…)

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