Monday, July 30, 2012

Moonshine Madness and Murder - Christy Marie Kent

"I've done a lot of things in my life.  Writing vampire non-porn isn't one of them."

In Quacker Holler, Tennessee, the Lake Wobegon of the south, erotica-writing nun Sister Candace is murdered. Emily must use her investigative skills, fainting goats, and mental illness to solve the crime.

More "Minnesota stereotype" humor, which can get on my nerves. Here, though, it's in the context of a story with an intriguing bent to it. A detective listens to the voices in her head that could be mental illness just as well as they could be angels and devils. Will they steer her right (to solve the case) or wrong (and who knows what the consequences will be)? The interesting thing is the concept isn't being played for drama, but for laughs, while still respecting the legitimacy of belief. The delivery in the preview was so laid back and humorous, it was easy to forget (in a good way) just how extreme the stakes were. This is a sneaky one.

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