Sunday, July 29, 2012

Topic of Cancer - Miss Penny Productions

"I swear you have the hardest time keeping your clothes on."

Meet the McVeys. Mom's dead. Dad's turning 70, Mary's got her own cooking show and "Trish, the dish" from LA has just dropped the C bomb. A fast, fierce farce that will have you thinking the unforgivable.

Oh, the drama! Oh, the comedy! This one was a little schizophrenic and overwrought, but I suppose any attempt at wacky comedy about cancer would be. The thing I found fascinating was I'm sure completely unintentional. Someone who wasn't an actor wandered out on stage with a little handheld camcorder and was recording the preview as it was being performed for us. I thought it might be some weird commentary on reality television for a second (and frankly, that might have been more interesting). But I think they might have been actually trying to record a view trailer for their show at the same time they were doing a Fringe-For-All preview. Now that's multitasking. I was particularly fond of the enthusiastic thumbs up the camera person gave them when they reached the end. Again, not my thing, but points for weirdness.

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CeeBlue said...

Just thought you might like to know that the person with the camera is an actor and there is a reality TV angle in the play!
Please come along and see how it all pans out!