Monday, July 30, 2012

Portrait of the Artist As A Yo-Yo Man - David Harris

"If you own over 300 yo-yos, you've got some explaining to do."

At 14, David Harris wanted to be a yo-yo pro. This dream led him on a hilariously embarrassing journey of doing stunts with yo-yos, paddleballs, folding chairs, shopping bags and, eventually, a wedding ring.

I found this unexpectedly charming. Again, a geek embracing his geekiness and wearing it as a badge of pride. In this case, an obsession with yo-yos which grew into a lifelong love affair. His yo-yo skills, and willingness to poke fun at himself while not apologizing for his hobby, were enormously winning. The gimmicks and the jokes played off each other well. A smart, simple enticement to come and see more, which I just might do.

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