Monday, July 30, 2012

Steel Kiss - Segue Productions

"In 1985, there was no internet.  Sometimes you had to go to the park to meet guys."

In 1986 four teenage boys encountered a gay man in a Toronto park. The results were not pretty. Neither is this story. It is about the influence that a community has on the development of the next generation.

If I tell you the preview involved three guys kicking the crap out of another guy, then some unrestrained guy-on-guy kissing, a simulated blow job, and the special guest appearance of a young man's bare butt, would that be enough of an enticement to get you to show up (or perhaps repel you entirely)? Well, done, done, done and done. I wasn't the only one who was a little worried that the entire preview here would consist of those three guys wailing on the other guy for the full three minutes. As it was, it felt like it gobbled up the first two minutes. But that was probably just because the longer it went on, the more uncomfortable the audience got. Still, I think that's the point. I was already curious about this one, given the subject matter (gay-bashing) and the concept (all four actors take turns trading roles, as both the victim and his assailants, giving us multiple perspectives, and no easy hero or villain to follow all the way through). My reservations about how the violence would be handled (very convincingly) and the male intimacy would be handled (also very convincingly) are both rendered moot by this preview. I'm more intrigued to see it now than I was before (and I was pretty intrigued before). Plus, it's fun to watch how much more nudity throws people for a loop than foul language. (That might have been a Fringe For All first - I'm wracking my brain and coming up with no previous instances of nudity - feel free to chime in, remind us and prove me wrong.) Congrats on having the balls to do this preview right, guys (no pun intended). I'm there.

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