Monday, July 30, 2012

The Love Show! - ORL Productions

"You just farted all over my junk."

Soul-crushing, sky-opening, fart-inducing LOVE. Embarrassing stories and hilarious original songs about love to make you feel all squishy inside. Love, Samantha Baker Harris, Courtney McLean and Anna Weggel.

Ah, see, this is what I think the Vaginal Home Companion ladies were actually trying to accomplish. It's almost not fair. Again, three ladies, two of the three I know as Courtney McLean and Anna Weggel. Each very funny in their own right. Together, still more so. They played their own instruments, they say well together, they sang clearly and at good volume. Yes, that sounds like it should be a low bar to clear, but let's face it , a lot of acts don't, and these ladies more than cleared the bar, they raised it. Even if they were singing a song about a woman farting on a guy while they were cuddling, suitably entitled "Love Explosion." It's the juxtaposition of lilting melody and lovely voices and a "naughty" subject that makes the comedy work. For everyone, no. For me, most definitely yes.

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