Sunday, July 29, 2012

Merblades! Memoir of a James Cameron - Black Market Doctor

"I'm king of the world!"

An epic oceanic adventure featuring Titanic filmmaker James Cameron as he explores the ocean floor and becomes entangled in a feud between two ancient metal mermaids - Merblades. Based on real and fake facts.

There was a whole lot of screaming and catfighting - wait, can mermaids catfight, or is that a cross-species no-no? Anyway, the true part of the story was that film director James Cameron cleaned up at the Oscars with his multiple wins for the movie Titanic, and then promptly fell off the grid, spending the next several years exploring ever deeper and remote parts of the world's oceans. The made-up part of the story is he encountered a couple of battling metal mermaids and got caught up in their interpersonal issues. The preview ended with the narrator and the James Cameron stand-in being dragged away at knife point by the mermaids. Since this is Heather Meyer and she had a big comedy hit in the Fringe last year, I fully expect her to deliver again, so strange as this preview was, I'm still going to try and fit this one on my schedule. I could use a laugh.

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